** Fall & Winter Hours **

   MONDAY - FRIDAY 10 AM - 5 PM & SATURDAY 10 AM - 4 PM 

Jewelry repair cost

Chain solder: $15-25

Bracelet solder: $15-35

Eyeglass solder: $20

Ring solder: $25-45

Ring sizing: $45 and up

Prong work: $20 and up

Stone setting: $25 and up

Rhodium plate: $35 

**If you buy a ring from us, we do the 1st sizing free.**

*Sterling Silver repairs are less expensive*

Watch repair

We can do simple watch repair in-store. For more complicated work we have a watch repairman pick up and deliver. We also recommend Kings Watch Repair in Fayetteville, if you'd like to take your watch directly to the repairman.

Batteries: $10

We now offer a loyalty card, where you get your 5th battery free!


We can engrave small items in-store. For more complicated work we recommend T-Shirts Atlanta in Tyrone.

Small item engraving: $10 per line

Inside ring engraving: $20 

appraisals for insurance

We offer written appraisals for jewelry insurance. The appraisal comes with 2 paper copies with photos under each item. The appraisal is $75 for the 1st item and $25 for each additional item.

We make appointments for every appraisal. This allows you to keep your jewelry, while we prepare your appraisal.